Things to do on a family trip to Kashmir

As it is said, “Keep the child in you alive always!’’ What could be more adventurous learning, unlearning and exploring expedition than a trip? A feature of wanderlust always exists in our personality and to feed our souls with that screaming desire travelling covers that all. And what could be more exciting than fulfilling all the characteristics of wanderlust with the love and company of family? A vacation with the comfort of the family is totally unmatched and it just couldn’t get any more memorable than a family trip to Jammu and Kashmir. Travelling should not be just a tendency to escape from everyday life but beyond and more…..

_ So, what could be over and above?


The Valley of Jammu and Kashmir is already celebrated for its hospitality and eccentricity. A family trip to Jammu and Kashmir is a wholesome as well as an exquisite trip in itself. In the new age going on a trip has become more than just reaching the destination and visiting the place. Rather the idea of the trip has gone through a makeover that encompasses living an experience to discovering new routes and muse one's soul in the unreal beauty of mother nature. This all can be lived in the land of Jammu and Kashmir and what could make it much better than best Kashmir Package? Scroll to know what novel you can do on your trip to Kashmir.

The journey from fantasy to reality……

As you breathe in the aura of Jammu and Kashmir curtains are dropped. The jaw-dropping beauty of the region of Jammu and Kashmir surrounds your whole body. Yes, you must have seen the beauty of the valley in many popular songs, and movies of Bollywood and immediately fanaticize yourself mimicking all that fun and dramatics. Take all of those fanaticizes to the real world of Jammu and Kashmir initiate engulfing each and every scenic beauty with your eyes. But there is an entire world of Jammu and Kashmir that screams out to get explore. The topography of Jammu and Kashmir effortlessly gives multiple dimensional contours of nature being it from the landscape, and waterscape to the snows cape.


Picturesque valley

From the streets of the city to the lush green hills wherever you will see every view is just picture perfect.  Grey colossal mountains get kissed with foggy clouds and sun rays strike them. Delicate flowers with grass of meadows running sing with the melody of wind all this makes every moment feels like one is in the lap of heaven. And when soft intriguing water streams get introduced in this geography it blows senses in every way possible. 


Trip with pizzazz

 A trip to Kashmir is nothing short of a grand experience a perfect blend of luxury and adventure. Every season of the year brings its own unique character and mood within itself. The inimitable style of houseboats and shikars at Nigeen and Dal Lake gives a peaceful and romantic touch to the trip. Mughal gardens’ architectural natural beauty with the Mughal emperor’s explicit living is one of a kind experience that accommodates any family perfectly. Different cultures carry a different heritage that is rich and diverse that not only involves our inquisitive nature but also adds a lot to our knowledge. Every art and craft displays its distinctive masterpiece feature in it, that too so intricate won't despair you from shopping and wanting more to add a piece of art into your lives.


Now time to add sports adventures

Besides, romanticizing bird chirping it is time to open up gateways of adventurous sports for you. Gulmarg offers its state of art cable car best known as Gulmarg Gondola which is Asia’s largest & highest cable car project. This cable car passes through the astonishing forest blanketed with snow all around that just can’t be missed. Aero sports _ Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, and Air surfing are all for adventurous people. Pahalgam is one of those locations, where facilities for Angling, Canoeing and Kayaking are provided. Melting glaciers gives the gushing speed of water and rocky landscape fastens with Wild Water Rafting, Parasailing, and Swimming. The terrain of this territory provides an exclusive place for Mountain trekking and skiing, Ice-skating, and Mountaineering. One could not miss the ultimate golfing at the stunning and highest Gulmarg Golf Course. Wildlife is dense and extraordinary where safari experience will sink in you. 

           Keeping in mind that Jammu and Kashmir has been said as the safest tourist destination! Then what are you thinking? Search and book Kashmir Tour Package and visit soon!